Rock n’ Care


Rock and Care is not just a project, it is a dream we share, to contribute to the idea that everyone has the right to be physically active. No matter what color, belief or socio-economic level, being active is a fundamental and vital value in the development of balanced societies.

We are totally committed to developing and supporting physical activity as a promoting factor of overall health, specifically for school children, the working population and elderly people.

Physical activity is a fundamental factor contributing toward quality of life, and it is our objective to establish short, medium and long term goals that support and encourage health lifestyles.

All Rock and Care ambassadors are totally committed to the ideals of physical activity, and not only “talk the talk”, but also “walk the walk”. They are models within their communities (as students or within their professional area), and represent these values in various sports events, within Portugal and overseas, each one striving to make tomorrow a better place than today.

We aim to embrace simple and clear communication styles, embracing physical  activity and healthy  lifestyles as our “language”, serving as a reference for all different kinds of ages.

Moving towards the committment is our motto, and we hope to build the foundations and grow as a community project, for us by us.

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In case you wish to help this cause, please contact us directly by sending us an e-mail: