Coaching 1 on 1

Looking for more? Coaching 1 on 1 is aimed at athletes searching for personal coaching, and offers frequent contact with athletes by email and phone, weekly monitoring of practice records, evaluation of intermediate goals and immediate adaptations to training plans.

Coaching1-1 includes:

  • A personal training plan that is specifically adapted to your athletic ability
  • A years’ worth of training plans, with specific training instructions for every single day
  • Dietary counseling, and tips on how to alter your body composition
  • Unlimited daily contact with the coach via email
  • Weekly phone conference, according to your needs
  • Detailed nutrition plans for specific competitions
  • Bike and run tests that evaluate performance and athletic ability
  • Calculation of training zones, based on heart rate monitor or power meter.
  • Weekly training schedule sent every Sunday

Prices vary according to your competitive level, minimum of 16 weeks commitment

  • Level I – Amateur athletes (beginners / inexperienced)
  • Level II – Amateur athletes (experienced athletes looking to improve their results)
  • Level III – Elite athletes – please contact us to enquire about details.