Mission Plans

Do you have a goal, a personal challenge, a dream you want to achieve? Do you want to beat your personal best, or improve in an area you find challenging?

Rock and Train creates a personal training plan for your mission. Send us our questionnaire with your details and you will be contacted, to let you know how aMission plan works, and what it entails.

- A personal training plan will be created that addresses your personal sports goals, for a specific race or season, so that you arrive at D-day in the best shape possible for the timeline you establish. This is the perfect alternative to Coaching 1-1, and guides you through a structured plan that keeps you motivated and focused.

- Plans can cover an entire season (52 weeks), or as little as 6 to 12 weeks of training for a specific race. The training plan focuses on your main goal, the time you have available, and the local practice conditions you have available.Mission plans that have the best chance at succeeding include 27 weeks for an Ironman and 18 weeks for a half-ironman.