José Estrangeiro takes Oeiras

The Long distance Rockandtrain Athlete challenged everybody with a very solid race in the Sprint Distance competition seven days before Half Ironman Zarautz.

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Cecilia Shinn

Vice-World Champion in Victoria Gasteiz ITU LD Championship. On her first year in Long distance, Cecilia Shinn achieved an outstanding result in the ITU World Championship!

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RockandTrain girls @Abrantes Triathlon

Great performance for Karin and Carla and one more podium...!

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New Partnership

We are pleased to announce a partnership between RockandTrain and Artur Morais Acupuncture clinic, allowing our athletes access to the lastest innovations in injury prevention and recovery.

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Coaching 1 on 1

Looking for more? Coaching 1-1 is aimed at athletes searching for personal coaching.

Welcome to RockandTrain

Coach Jose Santos is now coaching RockandTrain, assuming the framework of athletes in terms of athletics and orienteering.

Team RT

This Squad is more than just a bunch of athletes trying to improve their individual performances, they share a mission.

Rock n'Care

Rock and Care is not just a project, it is a dream we share, to contribute to the idea that everyone has the right to be physically active. No matter what color, belief or socio-economic level, being active is a fundamental and vital value in the development of balanced societies.

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